Dream wt ideas if someone would care

  • So, general high-end perfect game ideas of WT.

    Keep them fair, and supreme unrealistic because each of ideas would cause to update game as much as it is now and it will take 10gb at least so nobody will download.

    If someone want to add their ideas or something and this will go on, I'll make a combined list, little bored...

    1. Characters edition


    Camouflage, Ski, Jungle, Mafia, Sci-fi, summer/autumn/winter/spring, football etc... various characters are pretty much super useless, and nobody uses because of: low-super low defence, medium-low speed, no effects, wolf no effects.

    Idea? - Effects which could be able to use on that specific characters.

    Only on human side:

    - Camouflage effect: similar to ghost 2 transparency while not moving + armor colour change into environment one (means in almost every map it changes colour, or at least you can choose which colour to use only with this character).

    - Ski effect: on snow themed maps similar to ghost 2 transparency while not moving + 25% more movement speed.

    - Jungle effect: on dark themed maps similar to ghost 2 transparency while not moving + 25% more quiet movement / weapon drawn.

    - Mafia effect: +50% damage on mec, dual teac, pistol guns + higher reload speed + more ammo.

    - Sci-fi effect: Plasma - atomic plasma, and other futuristic gun boosts similar to mafia one. (obvious)

    - summer/autumn/winter/spring effect: (wondered quite a while, so..) During that season their stats becomes similar to 300HP.

    - Football effect: +50% speed on hard ground (not work on ice, water etc..)

    - Adult effect: (obvious you buy it not for stats), so at least they must have +100-150% gold/GP + faster bomb plant / resurrect and being resurrected speed.

    - UDF effect: +50% speed on water, transparency while in water + maybe higher def while in it.

    - Valentine, x-mas, halloween, thanksgiving characters: during these occasions stats similar to 300 (maybe even higher to fill up the spirit for those few days !)

    - SWAT effect: Faster while carrying main gun, faster reload, more ammo (similar to mafia, but affects all main guns, however not increase damage)

    - WW effect: of course making WW guns legend like (those OP stick granates and ruger)

    2. Maps edition

    Intro: Maps are too plain (not talking about main graphics, which surely would upgrade game).

    For example: Frozen - map literally frozen, cars covered in snow, some car crashes, everyone evacuated, and guess what? We decide to held a match during sunny day with no wind nor snow falling, cool.

    So, idea obvious:

    - Snow falling feature, snow / sand storms (random presidente storm) which decrease visibility a lot and which is random!

    ( or random presidente stormer spawns and launch a nuke to blast everyone. jk )

    - Maybe some tragedy in various maps which opens new passage (idea from IronSight).

    - Thicker fog regarding the distance.

    - Footprints on snow should not disappear that fast even if it Would snow, which currently don't.

    I should have add something regarding sounds - more realistic background sounds be cool, (air vents in city arena are like 500% louder than other sounds), also no matter how slowly you walk, snow will still cause sounds~!

    Also sound bugs which remains in lobby after certain maps ~~~~:cursing:

  • I agree that characters being unique in stats would be a fun aspect of the game (similar to the different scratches). I doubt they'll upgrade graphics since Softnyx hasn't though :P